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Xiaowu Sun earned his Master degree of Software Engineering in June 2018, at the Capital Normal University, China. His master thesis is “Protein complexes prediction from a dynamic weighted protein-protein interaction network”. Since September 2018, he is a PhD student, supervised by Dr. Rob J. van der Geest in the division of image processing (LKEB). His research interest includes medical image analysis, machine learning and deep learning including automated cardiovascular segmentation, domain adaption and blood flow prediction using 4D flow.

Area(s) of interest

  • Cardiac MRI analysis
  • Domain adaption
  • Bioinformatics
  • Deep learning

Researcher profiles

For a more complete publication list, please see the following Google scholar profile


Leiden University Medical center
Division of Image processing
Building 1
Room: C-02-050

Albinusdreef 2
2333 ZA Leiden
Tel.: +31 (0)71 5262993

Postalzone: C2-S
P.O. Box 9600
2300 RC Leiden

E-mail: X.Sun@lumc.nl